Are you your own glass ceiling?

Are your habits holding you back from rising to new heights?

This workshop is for you!

Research and countless stories consistently show that there are specific expectations of women in leadership and business roles. The habits that helped you be successful – humility, contributing behind the scenes, striving for perfection, and serving others – helped you become the rockstar that you are.

BUT! Those same powerful attributes that got you where you are now, may not get you where you want to go!


Time to Rise: Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling is a thought-provoking, highly interactive workshop designed to help female professionals and entrepreneurs get out of their own way, so they can break through all the barriers in their career and business.


Using targeted questions, interactive exercises, breakout rooms, and real-life examples, we’ll:


– Identify the 6 habits most likely to hold women back… and how they show up for YOU

– Understand how these habits can keep you from rising

– Learn simple strategies that will allow you to turn the habit around

– Develop an action and accountability plan for the changes you need to make

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If you’re to ready to dig deep, build intimate relationships with other women, and do the hard work to shatter your own glass ceiling in order to build the life and business you’ve always wanted, then this workshop is for you.


Spaces are limited! So register TODAY to reserve your spot.

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