Helping you channel your full potential

We’re Christy & Jess!

We met in 2007 while working for a Fortune 500 company, facilitating leadership workshops. Through that, an amazing friendship developed, and for the last decade plus, we’ve served as mentor, adviser, coach, and cheerleader to each other as we’ve tried to blend our most precious roles of wife, mother, and business owner.

In early 2017, we received a life-changing opportunity to work together in Ethiopia, and that’s where the magic really began. Spending 14 hours a day, 20 days at a time together for 6 months might make two people go crazy. Instead, it made us crazy-focused.


The Dream

In April 2018, we met in Phoenix for a strategy meeting to discuss the possibility of replicating our experience in Africa and turning it into a thriving business.  Within 24 hours, we both decided to abandon our individual businesses, which had been successful in their own right, to create something stronger, powerful, and BIGGER than either of us had ever dared to dream alone.

2 Smart Girls was born from two smart girls with a big dream and the core belief that every woman has the capacity to do amazing things. When we examined our own experiences, we realized that as mothers we had a unique set of challenges and that not only did they want to be the boss of our own company but of our lives.

The Adventure

Armed with that belief and our collective 45 years of successful business experience, we designed a system for empowering women, mothers especially, to intentionally design a life that they can love and own fully, to address the ways their own minds are limiting their success and their dreams, and how to take action in a very big way.

The system is easy; the work is hard.  

We know because we are living proof of the design and the work. The system we’re excited to share is exactly what we used to determine what we loved doing, where and how we wanted to do it, and to design the plan to get us there.

Without hesitation, we know that the difference between being and feeling ordinary and extraordinary is one simple thought. Yours. And we can’t wait for for you to rise up, to own your dreams, and to live the life you’ve been dreaming about!

We believe you have the ability and power to intentionally author your own compelling story, to minimize self-doubt and overwhelm, and to gain confidence to be the boss of their own life.

If your soul is saying, “Oh heck yes! I want that!” then your next step is to schedule a free discovery call. Complete the coaching application and we’ll set it up!