After working with 2 Smart Girls, I gained the confidence to initiate a price increase for my products across the board. My fear of losing customers had held me back for literally years. Christy and Jess were able to help me clarify my worth and articulate the value of my products to my customers. Not one walked away from our relationship over the price increase. As a result, I was able to increase revenue which helped to fund new and exciting ventures in my business.”

Jennifer Deaton

Sweet Tea Candle Co.

“I was facing a career transition/inflection point. I hadn’t spent the time thinking about what I wanted, instead I was just doing what needed to be done. I was enjoying life/work, but when it came to deciding what was next, I was stuck.

Over the 3 months we worked together, I moved from cloudy to clear. I really appreciated the challenges and pushes from Jess and Christy to be sure I was really getting to the core of the issues. I know that their coaching helped me to get out of the spin and closer to clarity faster than I could have done it on my own. They helped me get out of my own way and see that the situation was always mine to own.

Andrea Nelson

VP People and Organization, Royal Canin US

“I was overwhelmed with being CEO of everything – not knowing shortcuts & best automation processes that would give me back precious time. After working with 2 Smart Girls, I am more relaxed yet more productive as my mindset is now in a better place. I am clear on who I want to serve and when, and the importance of ‘me’ time. Jess and Christy work with you and your specific needs to understand the uniqueness of your business and you.” 

Gillian Edwards

CEO , Four Paws Holistic Therapy

“I love being an entrepreneur, but yikes, I can get distracted by “shiny objects” and get stuck in analysis paralysis over decisions. It was so refreshing to work with Jess and Christy. They helped me stay accountable with my goals and cut through “the noise,” so I could focus on what was most important for my new business. Jess and Christy each bring their own strengths and thoughtful questions to your business—two strategists in one! Thank you, Smart Girls. I’m grateful to have found you.”

Ann Lillie

Go West Gardener

“The tough love and smart coaching from Jess and Christy allowed me to self-examine, grow and make changes in my habitual ways of thinking that hold me back from taking those “next steps” I so long to take. Because it comes from grounded and lived advice and knowledge. You’ll love the experience and it will change your life.”

Meredith McDonnell

Colorado Springs

“I cannot recommend 2 Smart Girls enough. It’s truly women helping women. When I came to Jess and Christy I was really stuck, spinning my wheels and overwhelmed. Now I feel empowered and hopeful.”

Tara Roybal

School Counselor, Colorado District 70

“2 Smart Girls encouraged, challenged, and motivated me with an honest, yet caring approach. The way they helped me break down my thought process has been transformative.”

Michelle Pruett

Mckinney, TX

“I was struggling to create a life I wanted, especially with respect to finding fulfilling, well-paying work. Working with 2 Smart Girls allowed me to see the linkage between my thoughts and the results I was currently getting. I realized the only path to success was to change my thoughts with regard to my worth, financial opportunities, and ultimately the power I had to design the life I really wanted. I am more confident in articulating to others what I am looking for and where I see myself going with my career.”

Lisette Ostrander

“2 Smart Girls (Jess & Christy) guided me through the beginning stages of business development. They provided wisdom & encouragement with everything from entrepreneurial mindset to foundational components of business system development. My only regret? I wish I had joined earlier!”

Denise Cope

All the classes & workshops I have taken with 2 Smart Girls have been extremely beneficial and have truly helped me grow as a business owner. Being in these programs has helped me work through the blocks that have been holding me back, focus my energy, and move forward with my goals.”

Cassie Clayton

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