30 Day Business Visibility Challenge

It's time to share your BIG news!

Who knows you’ve started your own business?

Have you really told everyone you know?

Are you sure?


Starting a business is a BIG deal, but for most female business owners, we largely keep the news to ourselves. But not anymore! In order to grow your business, you’ve got to talk about it. You’ve got to tell everyone you know about it. Again and again and again!

In this 30 Day Business Visibility Challenge, we encourage you to make a list of 100 people in your network – if you would send them a holiday card or a wedding invitation then should be on your list – and then share your news! The Challenge packet has space for your list, a sample email that you can tailor and make completely your own, and a tracker to keep tabs on your progress! 

We know putting yourself out there like this can be scary, but we’ve got faith in you… and your dreams! Remember, the world needs EXACTLY what you have to offer! So, grab the Challenge packet below and get started! You’ve got this, Smart Girl! 


What You Get:
100 People Worksheet
Sample Letter
Progress Tracker