How we went from following the “plan” to helping badass women launch successful businesses.

Before there was 2 Smart Girls, before we were working with Fortune 250 companies traveling around the world, before we were helping women build successful businesses … there were just two girls following the plan.  

  • Go to college
  • Land the corporate cube
  • Start climbing the ladder 

We got married, had babies, and became master jugglers. We were loyal, dependable, and always found a way to deliver results. Even when the odds were stacked against us. 

On the outside we were the picture of success, but on the inside… 

We were barely hanging on. Burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted hoping that things would change, but not knowing how to set the ball in motion. 

We made the leap.

We thought moving from corporate overachiever to instant entrepreneur rockstar would be easy.  It wasn’t. It was a rough, bumpy ride. It was hard being our own boss. We struggled to ask clients for what we wanted and to clarify what we were worth as business owners. Our days of people pleasing and waiting for others to recognize how amazing we were reared its ugly head. That led to a lot of second guessing, doubt, and feeling like we weren’t cut out to run a successful business.

Airplanes, Bullies and a $54,000 Phone Call

We met while working with Boeing developing their brightest leaders around the world and then partnered up to coach leadership teams across the U.S. to eradicate bullying.

We became colleagues, mentors, and friends. 

Years later, paired on an international assignment to Ethiopia, our paths crossed in ways we never expected. The client cancelled on short notice, and we wrestled with billing for the missed work, even though it was part of our contract. 

After weeks we found the courage and went for it.

His response: “I just needed to hear you ask for it!”

That one sentence changed our life and business.

2 Smart Girls was born.

The $54,000 phone call gave us more than money. It gave us the power and clarity we had been missing for years as business owners. We now saw the missteps and mistakes we had made along the way and knew that our experiences, work, and voices could help guide other women as they leaped from corporate life to their own businesses. We knew we could help them be that badass business owner they dream of becoming.

Our work is a unique combination of experience, lessons, and tools that spans 20 successful years working in the corporate world and 30+ years as entrepreneurs.

We’ve created a step-by-step plan that teaches you the nuts and bolts of running a successful business, while providing the safe space and support you’ll need as you unpack your fears, concerns, and questions about being a new business owner.

We understand better than anyone what it’s like to be in your shoes. We know that you want to be successful, to land that first client, to prove to everyone else… and yourself… that you can do this! And we want that for you, too.

This may be your first business but it’s not ours, Smart Girl.

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