Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming, Lexi Monique, a personal wardrobe stylist to the blog. Using her “I.C.M Styling Method,” Lexi helps eliminate gaps in your wardrobe, understand your style, and feel confident every time you walk out of your closet. She is passionate about helping women build confidence through their style and empower women to be the best they can be.

In this week’s post, she will offer some powerful tips to help you stand up, show up, and slay!

As a young girl, I saw myself as a self-made, powerful woman. I often dreamed of her and
envisioned how amazing it would be to become her. She came down this beautiful staircase
with a solid black dress on, wearing the perfect pair of black pumps, hair perfectly styled and
makeup painted on. This woman bounced down the stairs with the biggest smile on her face. You knew she was happy with life, her career, and family. I am that woman and that woman will
soon be me.

We all have this image of a woman that we aspire to be. You might have created this image
when you were younger, or it may have been later on in life. Either way, three things will help you get started on your journey and will empower you through all the ups and downs. It’s time to stand up, show up, and slay.

Girl, Stand up!
Standing up for your dreams can be the hardest step. This means you have finally decided to
stand up for yourself. Confusing, let me explain. We are our biggest critic. It’s easy to fall victim
to the thoughts that tell us we can’t or how unworthy we are to get started. Instead, we should be saying, “I can and will because I am_______________________ (insert
positive affirmation for yourself).”

Silencing these thoughts will be a game-changer in life and business on how we view ourselves. Gaining self-confidence early will give you the power upfront when it comes to your thoughts and others. It will be important for you to be able to decipher constructive criticism and just pure negativity when dealing with others. Think of it this way: to protect your thoughts, you have to make sure that things you are absorbing are positive and insightful to your mind. Muting the people around us so that we can turn the volume up on our voice is important.

Here are a couple of things you can put in place to start standing up:

  • Create a plan – This will be your blueprint. Write down goals that align with where you are going, how you will get there, and the actions you will take to make these come true.
  • Air out your contacts – It’s okay to step back, especially from friends and family that are not supportive RIGHT now. The beginning of your journey is the most crucial time for you to protect your thoughts. This doesn’t mean that you have to be gone forever just until you feel like you are secure with your thoughts.
  • Carve out time for you. Set up boundaries and limits within your business and life. Once these are set, be STRICT with yourself and others to abide by.

Girl, Show up!
Congratulations you have made it this far. Now that you have cleared the path for positivity, it’s
time to officially show up. Showing up is mental and physical. Mentally, you have taken the
oath to dedicate your time, tears, and laughs to your business. If you aren’t ready to sacrifice
any of those three things, it’s time to prepare your mind to show up.

Physically, my favorite, we all know that we are capable of doing what we dream to do, whether it is having years of experience or just the willingness to learn a new trade. Knowing is not the problem. We just have to connect the dots. You are now introducing yourself as CEO, Owner, or Partner of your company, no longer as an employee of someone else’s company.

Is your mind ready for the transition but your style saying the same? I bring up style because it is the one element that people tend to underestimate or just try wing. Clients identify with people in various ways and style is one of them. Creating and elevating your style brings individuality and personality to your company/ brand, it helps you to feel like yourself and not someone that you are forced to be, and it also boosts your confidence. “When you look good, you feel good.”

Trust yourself and show up with the help of these 3 tips:

  • Find a routine that works for you. You are now on your time and no longer have someone checking in or watching over you. Figure out a schedule and stick to it.
  • Elevate your wardrobe. When you have a big life change, like creating a business, it’s time to start dressing the part. If you’re still wearing clothes from high school or college, hire a personal wardrobe stylist. This will help you to confidently show up as the best version of you. Having a wardrobe that fits your personality,
    lifestyle, and brand will be the reason you will be seen, heard, and paid.
  • Get out and network. Your clients will not come to you; you have to get up and get it. Start networking with people you don’t know, people you do know, and people you want to know.
  • Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable, because once you’re consistent it will be your comfort zone. Then it will be time to level up and find a new uncomfortable task and master that.

Girl, Slay!
Slay your confidence. In your stand upstage, you have gained the self-confidence to walk in
your business, you had the confidence to show up, and now you’re at the stage where you are
ready to slay what you have been working towards. Slay your confidence is the empowerment that we all need to keep going.

Confidence can be the thing that sets the world on fire, or it can be the thing that breaks the camel’s back. Confidence is a journey that we continue to go on to find, keep, or build.

Here are 3 amazing tips that I have to continue to slay your confidence:

  • Find your tribe – Create a space with others and share things that you are going through. 9 out of 10 woman are going through the same thing.
  • Create a mindset that helps you put this into perspective. Yes, others have done the same thing, but they are not you nor competition to compete with. Be the women that others want to collaborate with and others want to learn from!
  • Stop caring what others think of you! You write your checks, and that’s who should have a say so in anything!

Girl Stand up, Show up, and Slay!

Lexi Monique is a personal wardrobe stylist. She teaches busy women entrepreneurs how to create a wardrobe that gets them seen heard and paid. Her background in customer services and retail helps her to create and build relationships with her clients. This helps her to create a wardrobe that fits perfectly with the clients personality, brand and lifestyle. With her proven styling system, “The I.C.M Styling Method ” she ensures that you will fill wardrobe gaps, have a clear understanding of your style and feel confident every time you walk out of your closet. She has a passion for helping women build confidence through their style and empower women to be the best women that they can be.
She spends her free time cheering on her son, Elijah, at his football and basketball games. If she has time to break away, she loves to listen to podcasts, audible books, and catch up on the latest fashion.
Connect with her: