We are thrilled to welcome Certified Master Photographer and CEO of Turpenoff Photography, Tricia Turpenoff, to the blog this month.

We have known Tricia for the last couple of years, and she is an absolute delight. Not only does she capture the essence of her clients on film, she keeps it FUN! Tricia has a heart of gold, and she’s here to tell you how she successfully pivoted her photography business during the height of COVID. She brings powerful lessons, shares great examples, and offers important advice about surrounding yourself with a powerful community of female business owners. 

She’s a girl after our own heart. And not only did she write the blog post below, she also recorded a video for those of you who prefer to learn that way. Pick the way that best meets your needs!

You can grab the video here, or read on!

I bet you are a lot like me, and you’re just over COVID. I have been looking for the opt out button, but there doesn’t seem to be one.  LOL

What can you do in this environment to stay positive and pivot your business?

When we all got quarantined, being a professional photographer, of course, all my events went away, all my clients got put on hold, and it was a very scary time.  I’m sure many of you have felt the same way over the course of this pandemic. 

Then a friend of mine called me and told me about how a photographer photographed her cul-de-sac neighbors doing silly stuff with toilet paper, coffee mugs… in their robes. Oh my goodness, that is an interesting idea. And so, I got on the phone with my coach, and we laid out a plan for how we would do quarantine sessions. We didn’t know exactly what we would call it right away. Next, I was on a mastermind call with our group, and they helped me hammer it out even more. It took a few times, because as you know marketing is never perfect, but after a few times of throwing things out there and people not responding, suddenly drive-by photoshoots for charity was born! It became my big pivot.  I was blessed to photograph for charities, in home proms, families, headshots, branding, and lifestyle work.  You name it, I got to photograph it, and we raised over $4,000 for the Care and Share Food Bank of Colorado Springs.

This made me think. How can other people pivot? What can they do to keep their doors open and grow their business during this unprecedented time?  Here are a few examples to spark your idea machine. I have a girlfriend who owns a salon and spa and she started doing at home facials kits. I thought that was absolutely genius. My clothing stylist started a podcast called waist up wardrobe.  How fantastic!  She is giving to her audience and staying in front of them.  I have a friend who is a caterer and her pivot was in home meals. No, she cannot cater to an event of a couple hundred people right now, but she can deliver meals to people at home or small offices. There are so many amazing pivots. They key to a good pivot is staying in front of your audience and giving great tips, tricks, and good content that keeps them engaged. Sometimes your pivot can make you money, for others it’s just staying in front of your audience. Right now is the best time to be in front of your audience because everyone, and I mean everyone, is online looking for human contact. 

In my opinion, you need to be doing videos, Facebook Lives, or onto Streamyard and put your face out there. You have a lot to say. No one is going to say it like you’re going to say it, and you must stay present!  Do not abandon your audience! 

If you have not built an audience, this is a perfect time to because, like I said, everybody is online. You need to have good video with tips, tricks, and great content. You need to have silly amateur videos of just you hanging out at home. You need to have great branded and lifestyle photography on your social media. You also need to have candid photography in your social media. The combination of all of that will help you rise in these weird and quirky times.

How do you start? First of all, you call upon your girlfriends who are in business and start asking how you pivot. Set an appointment with your favorite business coach (i.e. 2 Smart Girls). Whatever your business, there is a great opportunity for waiting for you. 

Here’s what I know: Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so please call out to me, a business coach, or your trusted business women friends!

Tricia Turpenoff is a certified master photographer and CEO of Turpenoff Photography. Specializing in branding and lifestyle photography, she captures the essence of who you are, so you can attract your ideal client, all while keeping it fun. She can be found online, Facebook and Instagram.