We are thrilled to welcome Women’s Wealth Advocate and Wealth Emergence coach, Karimah Stewart, to the blog this month.

We had the privilege of co-teaching and facilitating with Karimah back in our Boeing days, and she’s an absolute bright light. Karimah brings a wealth of experience, perspective, and insight, and today, she’ll be digging into the powerful connection between sacred self-love and wealth, challenging you to release ego, remember your royalty, and to make space.

You’re in for a treat!

“I’m dying!” I roared into the phone, body burning, tears streaming from the seething pain of inflamed skin, the likes of which I had never known before.

“My ego is dying. This is not about eczema. This is about me breaking out of old skin and living fully in my purpose.” The words hung in the air as I lay collapsed on my bed.

 My mother, being the Queen that she is, sat on her proverbially throne and uttered motherly words that could calm nations at war, only this war was inside my body.

“Karimah, you’re going to be okay. Calm down baby,” her words like a cooling truth balm used to massage my overreactive nervous system.

And this is how I entered my year of (almost) perfect vision with a river of tears, lymphatic fluids and blood oozing from my hyperpigmented skin where I’d clawed my way to relief as hell unleashed its fury in my body for six months. Nine months prior to this moment, I turned 40. While the collective consciousness says women are over the hill at this milestone, I was just getting started.

Photoshoot? Check

Big birthday bash? Check

Extended international trip to multiple countries? Check

The only things left unchecked for far too long were sizzling self love and sacred self care.  Love was calling me home and I knew I had to surrender. I believe she’s calling you to.

Health is Wealth
Your health is your wealth is more than a notion. Because I was forced to address the stress, I was able to recognize how I created my own damn to greater abundance. For years in corporate America and after, I had been managing symptoms using natural means, giving lip service to wellness but never attaining wholeness. I was doing more, getting by, but loving less. I prioritized everything over feeding my mind, body, and spirit the nourishing soul food that it longed for. As my ego self was dying off, I realized I was actually experiencing my own personal renaissance while being ushered into my next level of awakening.

Wealth literally becomes wellbeing when we are nourished, thus we can relax more fully into the knowing that we are provided for. Through this loving of the self, we can more fully connect to the love of God or whatever invisible energy you lean into. To the degree that you can experience your own ability to take care of yourself, you will believe that you are taken care of. This breakdown in my body broke my heart wide open but as I nurtured myself back to peace and calm, I became a greater conduit for the energies of immeasurable self-love, infinite wealth, and all that I desire.

Releasing the Ego
As women, we are often fed lies that we must be it all, have it all, and do it all. If you haven’t figured it out, we have been lied to. Your own awakening may be upon you right now. Maybe you are realizing your life, as is, is no longer sustainable. Fear says there is no time for self-love because you have to work to make money and cross off the ever growing to-do-list. This shift in perspective will require change and change is fear to the brain. However, peeling off layers of egoic stories that are outdated and not serving our next level is vital. Don’t be surprised if your mind wants to hold on to the way things are. Just know that if you aren’t honoring yourself, money will never honor you in the way that makes for a wealthy experience.

What are you no longer willing to tolerate in your life so that you can begin to honor your whole self? What skin (i.e. false beliefs) needs to shed for you to be truly prioritize and love yourself? What must you begin to believe to move from fear to love?

Remember Your Royalty
There is no one more powerful than the woman who remembers who she is. Your relationship to money emerges from this remembrance and it becomes the seed of your prosperity. Because we are juggling jobs, businesses, families, aging parents, continued racial injustices, and a global pandemic, it is tempting to forget the divine power we all possess to create the life we richly desire, even in the midst of mayhem. When you remember who you are, the world stands at the ready, waiting for your emergence.

The woman who remembers is a woman of distinction- audaciously abundant, unapologetically prosperous, positioned in her divine power, and minds her whole business. Her wealth is sown with faith and watered with love and divine right action. She remembers that she is the physical expression of divine intelligence. She holds the infinite wealth of the universe inside her very being and realizes that she is the wealth she seeks. She is we…you and me! The energy of money is tuned to the frequency of love, joy, power, peace, and pleasure. When we come into our own remembrance, money finds us because money seeks “her” own vibration.

To stay in remembrance, we must make space for connection to the spiritual realm, the realm of the intangible, the invisible, and the imagination. All that we are and all that we desire exists in this realm. When we remember who we are, we make space to connect with whatever we are wanting to create in our lives. We must move away from being so invested in our current reality and share time immersed in creating reality. Focus on your desires. Write them, speak them, and feel them despite any evidence that shows you the contrary.

Recall a time when you completely owned your personal power. What was the circumstance and how did you navigate it? How might you reconnect to that part of yourself? What space might you create to spend time focused on your heartfelt intentions, nurturing your dream, and remembering who you truly are? Put a plan in place and be in action.

Making space
In order to make space you must decide that your connection with yourself and your desires is of the highest value. Create space on your calendar and space in your home to share time with your visions, desires, and the spiritual realm. Define a cadence that you know you can stick to and actually do it. Making space is about prioritizing YOU! And no, it’s not selfish. It is necessary!

You can’t pour from an empty cup and you can’t give what you don’t have. When we love, honor, and prioritize ourselves, we make time for pleasure, play, and pampering. This also supports our remembrance. Examples of pampering and pleasure might include napping, “do nothing” days, prayer, yoga, meditation, dead sea salt baths with baking soda and essential oil, candlelit dinners, journaling, laying in the park, walking barefoot in sand, experiencing solitude, stillness, massage, and any and everything that brings you juicy joy!

When we prioritize ourselves, we don’t accept salaries that don’t feel good. We don’t put up with toxic people or tolerate our own leaky boundaries. We access our own inner wealth and innate self-worth. We speak our truth to perceived power. We only work at jobs that bring us joy, make our toes curl, and make us downright giddy. We only entertain clients called forth by our soul’s purpose. We say no and we mean it da**it! We saunter to the tune of wealth AND wellness and we create that reality for ourselves and model it for the women watching us!

Additionally, make sure you are also carving out time to explore your relationship with money. Take yourself on a money date, using Sacred, Sexy Money: The Art & Intimacy of the Magical Money Date, as your guide. Money dates are a beautiful way to deepen your self-love and your financial intimacy. I suggest money dates at least once a week for the first 3 months and then evaluate whether you want to do less. Being with yourself and your money takes practice. Forming the consistent habit for 3 months will support you in increasing your understanding around money thus bringing more clarity, calm, trust, and ultimately more money as you clear away outdated money messages. Since money’s primary love language is quality time, you must create space in your life (i.e. on your calendar) to have the relationship that you are longing for. Love yourself like your wealth depends on it because it truly does! Be well and wealthy!

Karimah “Reignmaker” Stewart is the owner of The Reignmaker Group, a coaching and training company specializing in wealth empowerment, money mastery, personal leadership. As a Women’s Wealth Advocate and Wealth Emergence coach, Karimah embraces a holistic approach by tapping into the practical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and psychological aspects of money and personal leadership. She empowers participants to heal their relationship with money, make peace with their pain, and step more powerfully into their leadership to build wealth and unleash their legacy. ​She can be found on Facebook and Instagram.