The last couple of weeks have been crazy and hard as we try to navigate through the unknown, juggle our new way of life, and manage the ups and  downs for ourselves and for those around us.

2 Smart Girls works with hard all the time because the truth is starting and growing a successful business is full of hard. No need for a pandemic to be tossed into the mix to add complexity to an already challenging situation.

When you’re helping women leap from the corporate space to entrepreneurship, or digging in and helping a struggling entrepreneur figure out why she’s not making money there’s a lot of hard to tackle.

By the time she dials 911 to reach us the hard is unbearable.

She’s overwhelmed, burned out, and frustrated because she’s tried so many different things. She’s enlisted coaches, development workshops, spent thousands of dollars on “the” magic formula, and tried to hustle her way through it.  When that doesn’t work the doubt starts seeping in and convincing her that she may never have what it takes to be a successful business owner.

We try to reassure and assess how to turn this Titanic around quickly, but by now she’s sad, mad, worried and scared. She feels like the hard is a continuous loop that never ends.

The reality is that the first couple of years of being a business owner really sucks. It’s draining as you’re trying to learn everything about everything, ramp up quickly, fake your way through being a CEO, plus on top of it you wake up and put yourself out there over and over again when it feels like no one is listening or cares.

It’s brutal.

As an overachiever she desperately wants to see immediate results and when that doesn’t happen she begins to ask, “why isn’t it working?”

She thinks it isn’t working because she doesn’t see results yet.

She does what she’s learned from her past life, she starts troubleshooting. She knows she’s smart and can figure this out so she signs up for a few webinars hoping that she can figure out the missing link.

But that doesn’t work either, and she starts feeling anxious about it not working.

She starts giving up because this is hard, and working this hard and not seeing results is pointless. She says to herself, “Why should I even bother?”

Then little by little she starts to lose focus and motivation.

Tired she decides to pivot and refocus efforts. She commits to listening to podcasts looking for help and attending networking events hoping to reenergize and ignite the flame again. She may even sign up with another coach.

But that doesn’t work either and eventually she starts feeling desperate.

Desperation leads to giving up, not showing up, and making excuses on why it’s not working.

Any of this sound familiar?

Next step in the sequence is that she’ll start convincing herself that it’s a hopeless situation and that leads to even more destruction and doubt.

But what if the lens she’s looking through is just a little blurry, and she’s actually closer than she thinks she is.

We have a completely different lens; one of experience and confidence. Here are the three things we see happening most often when we get that 911 call from a business owner.

  • You’ve made it personal. It’s not about you! Everything you need to learn and do can be learned and done. Most often you’re lacking a business model that supports the stability and success that you want to create.
  • You’ve grossly underestimated the amount of time and effort it’ll take to see real results. Don’t feel bad. We’re all legends in our own minds.
  • You give up! When you begin to think it’s not working you stop working. The right Action = The right Results

Moral of the Story

We always think the grass is greener over there, but the reality is over there is full of hard in a different shade.  

It’s hard being an entrepreneur. It’s hard working for someone else. It’s hard learning about hashtags, social media and videotaping yourself for the world to see. It’s hard feeling stuck on a professional plateau for years. It’s hard learning about marketing, sales, and metrics. It’s hard working for someone who doesn’t recognize or appreciate your talents.

Smart Girl choose your hard! Life is full of hard no matter what direction you choose so choose wisely.

If you give up, you’ll never know how much effort it’ll take to get to where you really want to be. Success will always remain an elusive mystery. But when you push through the hard and keep working, you’ll learn how much effort it takes to see the results you want, and you’ll see that you’re strong enough to weather the next storm that’s just around the corner.

You’ve got this!

Until next time be present be strong be you. Have a great week.

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