This week we’re talking about super powers, specifically your super powers. Knowing your superpowers will give your business a competitive edge, and give you the confidence you’ll need to sell with ease in any situation.

I’m not talking super-strength, x-ray vision, or the power to shoot webs out of your fingertips, although it would be really nice some days. No, the kind of powers I’m talking about are the ordinary everyday strengths that you possess that when combined together create a magical force. And just like Wonder Woman, I bet you never talk about your super powers. Heck if you’re like most women you just jump in when you need to, kick some ass, and get back to your regular job like it’s no big deal.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like I was years ago when I learned about my own super powers, you’re probably saying to yourself, “There’s nothing that I do that’s special enough to warrant calling them super powers.” Oh but wait…

My good friend Mark Henson wrote a book called Ordinary Super Powers and he would totally disagree. His book contains a 4-step guide on helping you discover, activate, enhance and multiply your powers. He talks about the biggest hurdle to unleashing your powers is that you’ll more than likely have to unlearn how you’ve always defined and thought of super powers, and then relearn a new definition in order to believe you have them.

Mark defines ordinary super powers as the gifts and talents you possess that allows you to contribute at your highest level, help the most people, and gain the most fulfillment out of your life.

It may take a little digging but I promise your super powers are tucked away in there waiting to be unleashed, so get ready to design your cape.

Step One: Discover

Before you unleash your super powers you have to take some time to identify what they are. This exercise is all about looking for the patterns in your life and work to help you do that. The goal is to discover your top three super powers. 

Begin by asking yourself these questions:

1) What do I do that comes naturally to me?
2) What do I do that is easy to me that most people can’t do?
3) What do I do that helps people? (and I seem to fall into using it over and over)
4) Do I love doing using this skill or talent?

By the way, that last question is one of the most important questions to answer. If you’re good at it but hate doing it, it’s not a super power. If it’s a super power you love doing it over and over again. It lights you up, puts you in the zone, and you’d do it all day long for free, but you’re so good at it that people pay you to do it.

Step Two: Activate

Once you know what your top three super powers are, understanding how you’re using them in life is the key so you can become intentional about applying them in the future.
It’s time to start noticing how you use them, where you use them and the impact you create by using them. While you’re in that space list how you feel when you’re using these talents.

Step Three: Enhance

Now you’re ready to turn up the heat by enhancing, improving and mastering your super powers. Think about when Peter Parker first realizes he has special powers and can shoot webs out of his hands. He’s a little awkward and unsure of how to use these new powers. He had to learn how to control, and refine his powers as to use them wisely and have the biggest impact.

Same applies for you.

Step Four: Multiply

This last step is about looking beyond where you are at this moment in your business and making a significant difference in the world around me. Think about your business right now at this moment and ask yourself, “What am I capable of doing at this moment if I use these super powers at full strength? Who can I help? What would my contribution in this world look like?”

You Hold “The” Combination

Years ago, as Jess and I were digging in and discovering our own special super powers the first question I had was, “but can’t everyone do the things I think I’m good at?” The short answer is no, they can’t. You see your combination of super powers is as unique as your thumbprint, there are no two alike.

When you believe that you do have a special combination your confidence increases, you look for opportunities to show up and help others by using it, and you stop killing yourself with trying to be good at everything.

When you try to be good at everything you become great at nothing!

This week just give it a try. Take some time and notice the patterns in your life. Notice what lights you up and what sucks the life right out of you. When you figure out your super powers you’re on your way to living a super powered life, and I promise it feels amazing!

Join me on Thursday for Facebook Live when I share my own personal journey of finding my super powers, and how they’ve changed my life, and our business.

Until next time be present, be strong, be you!

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