“But I’m working so hard.”

Ever hear that one? We hear this all the time when we ask, “what’s not working in your business?”

Have you said it, or thought it? I’m guilty of saying it, as I’m sure we all are from time to time. I used to say it all the time about losing weight, and the excuses I had were supreme and I believed them all. Thyroid problem, slow metabolism, genes, hormones. Then I committed to making a change and guess what, it worked!

When we hear a woman say, “but I’m working so hard in my business” we believe her, because we’ve been her.  There’s a look of defeat and the words said are riddled with exasperation, frustration and lots of shame. Shame of I couldn’t do it. Shame of what will people think of me? Shame that I’m smarter than this how could I not figure it out. Shame that I tried again and it didn’t work.

Those closest to you give you their best pep talk, “it takes time, hang in there, you’ve got this.”

While your head agrees, your heart hurts that people don’t see your amazingness that’s inside of you waiting, and wanting, to get out and make the world a better place.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could go buy a kit, much like buying a Lego kit for your kids. It would contain all of the necessary parts and pieces, plus step by step instructions to tell you how to create a successful and thriving business, and boom customers would immediately start flocking to you.

I mean I’ve never bought a Lego kit and been duped by what’s included on the inside, and if I put in the effort, I know exactly what the finished product will look like. But as business owners we’re inundated with messages of building funnels, running social media ads, joining networking groups, attending webinars, recording podcasts, and having our very own YouTube channel all in the hopes of having customers flock to us, and what happens when they don’t flock? We’re left feeling like failures, like we can’t even follow the simplest directions that others follow and have instant success.

Start with Fundamentals

I love sports, specifically basketball. March Madness is a favorite springtime activity in our household and it’s more than just loving the game, it’s about seeing teams that really shouldn’t be there – WIN. There’s always a Cinderella team who advances to the finals, comes out of nowhere, overcomes the odds and is the team that sweeps in and steals the show.

Don’t we love stories like this? Whether it’s business or sports we love to watch the underdog overcome the adversities and push through the sweat and  tears to win big.

When you look closely at what these teams have in common it comes down to a couple of things:

  • Solid fundamentals
  • The will to win

During Michael Jordan’s infamous run with The Chicago Bulls there was one thing he practiced every single day … free throws. People thought he was crazy and questioned why he would practice such a basic fundamental skill that he probably learned when he was seven years old. Michael would say, “The minute you get away from the fundamentals, the bottom can fall out.”

The fundamentals are the basic building blocks and principles that make the game, or business, work. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.

With that in mind let’s clear the incessant chatter we hear from social media for just a minute and focus on why customers aren’t flocking to you.

1) They don’t know you

I know, I know you feel like you’ve posted so many times on Facebook that people are getting sick and tired of seeing your business, but do people really know your business? Be honest.

Do you cling to one or two networking groups because you feel safe to show up and talk about your business OR are you shouting your business from the rooftops to anyone who will listen?

Do you stretch outside your comfort zone and attend new events, new opportunities, and find interesting ways to create visibility in your business?

If you’re honest and find yourself struggling with any of these revisit our visibility challenge we did earlier in the year and make some traction here to have customers recognize and start coming to you.

2) They don’t know what you do

A dose of tough love here. If you introduce yourself and say you’re involved in more than one business STOP IT NOW! There’s no business award given for the number of businesses owned. It’s about quality not quantity.

When people don’t know what you do, they can’t help tell others about you. Imagine I’m introducing you to friends and I say, “Hey, I want you to meet my talented and amazing friend who’s trying to get her business up and running so if you know of anyone who’s looking for a Life Coach, or a realtor, maybe some Arbonne products, or possibly essential oils then she’s your go to gal.”

If you want the people around you to help you achieve success, and you do, then make it simple for them to help you.

3) They don’t know how what you do can help them

As a master sales trainer the biggest mistake I see is people love to talk about  their products and services, but they never get to the benefits of what those products or services do for someone.

It’s not up to the customer to figure out the problem you solve for them, that’s not their job, it’s yours.  You have to paint the picture of what the transformation looks like, feels like, and will be like from using your product so they can see it clearly and say, “Yes, I need that where can I get it.”

So often we’ll ask a client, “what problem does your business solve for people?” and many times they stare at us in disbelief as though we’ve just requested the algorithm for shooting a rocket into space.

The truth. Every service and product sold around the world solves a problem for someone, and that solution (transformation) is what compels others to buy it. The more compelling the transformation, the higher the sales, the more successful the company.

Here’s a great example. I have a friend named Amanda who makes custom cookies. Instead of taking custom orders (pulling orders), she uses the push method where she pushes her product out at certain times of the year to her ideal clients…mainly Moms. She does back to school cookies for teacher gifts, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.

When I asked her, “what problem do you solve for your clients?” she was stumped. But here’s the thing, as a customer I can clearly answer that one. She saves me time, money, and energy of trying to find back to school inexpensive little teacher gifts. They are customized with the teacher’s name, put in cute packaging with a big bow, and ready for pick up before the first day of school.

When you begin looking at what problem your company solves it typically falls into one of 3 buckets:

  • Makes them money
  • Reduces time, cost, or is convenient
  • Improves image/brand

For me, buying the cookies from Amanda hits all three areas. It increases my productivity in my business by decreasing the time and money I would spend looking for another gift, and they’re cute, which makes me look like a Rockstar Mom who’s on top of it for the first day of school. WIN all around!! And I bet the other Mom’s on her list feel the exact same way, as her business continues to skyrocket each year.

The Will to Win

Now it’s time for action. As we close out the end of 2019 be bold and daring in trying something new, like going back to the fundamentals and trying three simple things that could have customers take notice of you as we enter the new year, and new decade.

You may be surprised at who you’ll meet, fun new ways to connect your product to the world, and success you were hoping for in your business.

Don’t forget I’ll see you on Facebook Live on Thursday @ 12:30 central time, and as I close for today, until next time be present, be strong, be you. Have a great week Smart Girl.

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