Let’s talk people – specifically your people. You know, the ones you desperately want to notice your business and buy from you. In the biz world we hear them called niche, ICA (ideal customer avatar), and even persona, but it all means the same thing – this is the person that you’ve decided is your perfect customer.

Do you have a clear picture in your mind of who your person is? What they wear, eat, drink, and spend money on? Where they hang out for fun? How much money they make? Did they go to college? And of course the biggee and most important question is, “why you?”  Why would they pick you from all of the options out there in the world?

If you said, “I know my people,” then congratulations because you’re in a pretty special group of business owners. If you didn’t say that, take heart because I’ve got some ideas for you today.

Last week after a crazy week of meetings it hit me that most business owners, especially new ones, really struggle to figure out who their people are. After seeing it show up again and again I knew we had to tackle it this week because it’s preventing them (and maybe you) from making traction in their business and feeling like a confident business owner.

I can promise you this, whether our paths cross at a local networking event, coffee clique, mastermind, or just sitting down to talk business I’m going to ask you, “Who are your people?” So get ready because I’m coming for you.

As a business coach this is such an important question because your answer immediately shows me the confidence that you have in yourself and in your business.  

See most often when I ask that question it’s usually met with a very nervous giggle or chuckle and then what follows is something like this, “Anyone who needs/wants (fill in the blank with product or services).

Don’t get me wrong there are beautifully crafted variations of this response like the one I heard last week, “Well, I’ve decided to not go deep into any specific vertical and leave the playing field wide open.” Kudos for creativity, but here’s the simple translation: They have no idea. If they’re buying I’m selling so bring on the masses. 

Just take a pause and think about the way you would answer that question. If yours is close to what I just mentioned, stick with me because I’m going to show you how doing the work and figuring out the answer will help get your business moving in the right direction

When You’re Talking to Everybody…

Ever heard the saying, “When you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody?” Know what it means?

It means that when we try to please everyone, we please no one. As consumers we’re overly saturated with options every single minute of the day and you know this because you’re a consumer. As a business owner you have to decide which consumer you want to help, why you want to help them, and then make them feel like you know them better than anyone else out there. In fact, you want them to think that you know them better than they know themselves. When they enter your business they should feel at home, like you get them and that they belong to a special group of people just like them. Which means some people don’t fit into your group, and that’s ok.

Are you saying to yourself, “Is she seriously telling me to turn people away? I have to pay my bills.” Yes and no. Let me explain.

The best example of this I could find is a life coach named Jody Moore. Jody lives in Washington, is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and when she started her coaching business she decided her people were LDS moms.  Her goal is to nurture and give them an outlet by being someone who is living in that exact same space with them.

She’s talked about the many who warned her that only focusing on the LDS mom community was committing business suicide. They suggested she make her business about moms in general? Asking, “Isn’t only focusing on LDS moms too specific? Don’t all moms have the same challenges?” But Jody was committed to staying the course and staying true to what she felt passionate about.

On her website she starts off by saying, “I am a mother of 4, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a woman trying to figure out how to minimize resentment, overwhelm and guilt, and replace them with happiness, gratitude and joy.”

BOOM! She’s upfront about who she is, the pain of leaving her corporate role, getting married, and becoming a stay at home mom, and struggling with mom guilt. You don’t have to wonder who Jody is and who she serves, you know it as soon as you land on her site. Then she shares the transformation of how she found her way to the other side of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Don’t you think every mom wants to feel joy, happiness, and fulfillment?

Here’s an interesting side note. I love Jody and I’m not a LDS mom, I’m not her ideal person so why am I following her. As someone who had a corporate career, is a business owner and a mom trying to juggle it all, her messages really resonate with me, so I listen. But imagine if you’re a LDS mom listening and following her. You’d feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, like you’ve found a home, a friend, someone who gets you, the struggles, the life, the challenges, the church, and the beauty all wrapped up into a package.  The LDS part says, “You belong here.”

A sense of belonging is so powerful when it comes to buying. In this technology filled world a sense of belonging it at an all time premium, people long to feel connected but aren’t sure how or where to find it. 

Business suicide? Quite the opposite, business millionaire in five years. Jody focused on a target and went for it. She has others like me who follow her but she always remains completely focused on nurturing her ideal client first. 

Know Your People = Growing Your Business

If the millionaire part doesn’t grab your attention, let’s talk about all of the business benefits that comes from knowing who your people are.

  • It will help you determine which social media platform you should be posting on 
  • It will help you decide how and where to show up in your community
  • It will enable you to write copy that connects to your people
  • It will allow you to use your time more effectively by focusing on the right things, at the right time, for the right people
  • It will help you avoid shiny object syndrome and spending your time in all the wrong places
  • It will help you consistently fill your pipeline with qualified leads
  • It can help you covert clients more often and at higher prices because you’ll be attracting those who feel like they truly belong in your tribe
  • It will help you anticipate their needs and bring on new products, services and offerings
  • Your confidence as a business owner will grow because you will be speaking from your heart to those who need what you do the most

If you’re struggling with moving your business in the right direction and you’re not sure who your people are just push pause, sit back and envision your business and ask yourself these questions:

Who do I want to serve?

Who do I enjoy working with and most passionate about helping?

Why do I want to serve them?

What problem do I solve for them?

What are their biggest challenges, struggles, or pain points?

How can their life change by working with me?

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook Live on Thursday at 12:30 CST when we dive into this topic a little deeper. If you’re struggling with this area, shoot us a message and we’ll make sure we cover it on Thursday.

As always, until next time be present, be strong, be you. Have a fantastic week.



P.S. See you on Thursday @ 12:30 CST on Facebook Live. Shoot us a message if you have any questions or ideas around knowing your people. 

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