Jess may love a good boy band, but I’m a HGTV home reno junkie.  Several years ago for my birthday my family indulged me by heading to Waco, Texas. It was the best birthday present a girl could ask for … two full days at Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia. We went to the silos, the cupcake shop, the restaurant, and no lie it was a little slice of heaven for me. Little did I know a couple of years later I’d become a designer, helping women do a little reno work on their businesses.

What I love about watching HGTV is each designer brings their own unique flair, style, and artistic touch to their work, just like you do with your business. No two designers are quite the same, which means no two homes are ever the same.

I’m jazzed about this week because this is the fun part of our 5-part series – Your Business Under Construction. Phase four is all about the trims and finishes, which is all about you. This is where your unique offers come to life and differentiate you, and your business, from all of the other options that are available. You incorporate your superpowers, expertise, and talents to make that killer secret sauce that only you have to offer, and people want to buy.

Are We The Same?

Last week I attended a networking event and as usual there were several coaches in the room. One attendee asked, “Christy, don’t you and J compete with one another?” The other coach looked at me as though she wasn’t sure how to answer it. I answered confidently, “No, while we may cross over on a few things, our work is completely different overall.”

Here’s why I could answer it with confidence. We’ve done the work on identifying who our ideal client is, what their biggest struggles and challenges are, and the problems that we help solve for them. We dive into the business checklist together, assess the gaps that are preventing you from making money, and then create a plan to turn it around.  And by together we mean we’re there every step of the way with you – holding your hand, cheering you on, pushing you through to the finish line.

We’re so clear on what we do, how our offers differ from others, and how our experience will get you moving in the right direction that it’s easy to show up with clarity and confidence, even when we’re surrounded by 10 other coaches at a networking event. 

Imagine this: You’re sitting at a networking event and learn that in attendance are the CEOs from Chick Fil A, Popeye’s, Raising Cane’s, KFC, Church’s, and Bojangles. Someone ask, “Don’t you all compete with one another?” How do you think they’d answer?

While it’s true they all serve chicken, each one does it differently than the other. They each have their own special recipe that appeals to a completely different audience, offering completely different customer journeys, and for different reasons.

I love this example for several reasons: 1) There’s more than enough for everyone 2) Know what makes you special – it’s your competitive advantage 3) No two businesses are ever the same

What Makes You Special?

This is such a critical part of the process when you’re building your business that many want to sidestep it, but the information you gain will be invaluable. We promise you’ll use it when writing copy to connect to your potential clients, understanding and overcoming customer objections, designing your unique selling proposition, and most importantly, it will provide the confidence you’ll need to sell with ease in every situation, even when you’re surrounded by the competition.

P.S. If you’re struggling with understanding how your business stands out against all the others and how to sell with clarity and confidence, let’s talk. We’d love to help you discover, and uncover that killer secret recipe that the world is waiting on.  Just click the link and complete the application. It’ll allows us to learn more about you, your business, and your business goals, so we can jump on a call and bring it all to life! And bonus! The call is absolutely free.

P.P.S. And if you want a little dose of Jess’s boyband love, have a listen to one of her fave’s, Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction.

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