It’s that time again! Sunshine, pool, flip flops, sunscreen, vacation, and two words that kids absolutely love but can make every boss mama working from home shutter.

School’s Out!

Oh yeah. In the next few weeks, mothers will be scrambling as their kiddos transition into the home for the summer. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough juggling the endless list of to dos and staying organized during the school year, but adding kids into the already busy mix brings on a whole new level of crazy. Not to mention this perpetual state of mom guilt many feel by having to choose between working and spending quality time on summer vacation with their precious bundles of joy, which for many serves as the driving force behind their entrepreneurial journey.

The entire scenario brings a whole bag of emotions as the voices in our head starts pulling out all the stops in convincing us it’s a hopeless cause. Our brains always default to the worst-case scenario, because that’s just how the brain is hardwired. But if your brain is like my brain it has the “go big or go home” mindset, so it immediately tries to convince me that my business is going to crumble due to lack of attention, my kids will end up in therapy because I was disengaged and let them eat oreos for breakfast and watch tv all day, they’ll be at least 4 grades behind because they didn’t read, and we’ll be homeless by the time school picks up again in August.

What can I say? My brain is an overachiever!

Let’s see if your brain is going into overdrive a bit with some of these thoughts and emotions.

  • OMG I don’t want my business to stall or slow down this summer. (Fear)
  • How am I going to work and manage kids at home? (Overwhelm)
  • I don’t want my kids to have a terrible summer because I’m working (Guilt)
  • What if my business does suffer this summer? (Worry)
  • I’m already tired just thinking about juggling it all. (Exhausted)
  • Is it really possible to run a business and have a fun summer with my kids? (Doubt)

Sound familiar?

Deep breath and keep calm, mama. We’ve got you covered on this one because we’re all in this boat together.

My kids are 11 and 9 and while they’re not babies who need constant attention, they’re prone to charging in and hijacking my time, my day, and my business if I let them. Which is why I began creating our summer success strategies a month ago with the vision of having a fun AND successful summer for everyone.

Here are my tips in helping you have a more productive day, remain sane, and have a joyous fun filled summer with the little people in your life.

Summer Success Strategies:

  1. Define AMAZING summer

In order to create an amazing summer, you have to know what you’re creating. Grab your kiddos and together answer this question, “My summer will be amazing if we/I …

Take notes, prioritize their favorites, and manage expectations by letting them know that not everything can and will be completed by the end of summer, but that everyone will have a few of their favorites checked off by the end of summer break.

  1. Create a plan for everyone

I know, summer is supposed to be fun, carefree and less structured, but unfortunately when you’re running a business that’s not ideal. Creating a plan for everyone will ensure your business keeps moving along AND that you create flexibility and space to enjoy time with your family.

  • Determine what you need to plan around. Look at your planned things: vacations, camps, family/friends visits, doctor visits and anything that has a time committed to it that will pull you away from work.
  • Define your working hours. I’ve decided my business hours will be from 7am – 12:30, allowing the afternoons to be open for fun, camps, and appointments.
  • Create a kid’s schedule. Yes you must! Include learning time, chores, breakfast, getting dressed, and quiet time. My goal is always what must be accomplished before technology time.
  1. Set boundaries

If your house is like mine, my children will walk by dad, even though he’s closer and fully capable, to ask me to help them out. Yes, I know they’re a work in progress, but without boundaries for the summer I would be summoned every 10 minutes.

Boundaries can be difficult to establish but necessary in you getting work done. Have the conversation with them about when to interrupt and when to let it go. My kids know if there’s no fire, blood, protruding bones, or a masked gunman is in the house, they can figure it out on their own.

  1. Ask for help

You don’t have to do it alone! Help can come in many forms, so decide what and when you need help. Enlist the help of your family with the chores and responsibilities, find a mom to swap kids/days, locate a local VBS or other fun camps (there are a ton, I promise), hire a mother’s helper who could be younger, less expensive, and who wants to gain babysitting experience.

  1. Unplug!

This one is so hard for many of us, (me included) but I promise it’s worth doing. Make sure your work time is efficient and when you’re with your family you totally unplug and enjoy being present.

Too often we get wrapped up in working all the time, desperately trying to make our business successful, we fail to see that spending time with our kids is way more important than watching that Youtube video on building an email list. Youtube will still be there tomorrow, but your littles will only be little once.

I promise summer is not a lost cause, and your business will do just fine with a little planning. The slower days of summer can actually be the perfect time to take a step back and assess what’s working and not working in your business. It may be the perfect time to work on a fall rollout of a new product or service, or may be the best time to put a new system in place.

Keep us posted on your little mini dream team helping you with your business this summer. Pictures are always welcomed, and of course, if you get stuck we’re just an email away.

Have a great summer!

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